Injury Claims and Workplace Medical Negligence In Hospital’s

All human beings can be a victim of any kind of accident which can leave them with some major or minor injury. Mostly the injury of terrible nature and the victim is no more able to lead a health and normal life due to some permanent fracture.


If any types of workers are doing clinical or medical work such as medical negligence error’s they could else their job if someone is injured or if some one does put in a medical Negligence claim. This could cause the company to pay a huge amount of compensation. For the patient who has been injured.

Old Injuries Can Also Lead to Medical Negligence Claims

One of the after effects may be that he is no more acceptable at his job due to his injury and is not more capable of working anywhere to earn for himself and family. In such circumstances, the law has a cover for all such victims in shame of compensation claim from the person who due to his fault caused any such accidents. And a number of professional lawyers and firms are there who can help a person to claim this compensation through their services on the basis of no win no fee arrangements. Reportedly there is a huge number of people who are not willing to avail the opportunity of no win no fee injury claim due to one or the other reason especially feeling some kind of hesitancy or shame. Also to find out what is medical negligence visit this link medical negligence explained and you can find out the frequently asked questions.

Injury Claims

Injury claims slips at the shops?.

For example if you have slipped on a wet floor in a super store while shopping, and this slip has caused you a severe injury resulting in a life lasting mobility issue, you can not consider it a by chance incident but you should go to any extent to bring the concerned responsible individual to justice by using your right of compensation for a injury claim without any kind of shyness. This is not an ordinary incident but an incident of someone’s negligence which has resulted in a long time damage for you therefore that individual should be given a lesson so that no one else can do such negligence and can damage any other’s life. And if you will not opt for this option and will not make use of this opportunity of compensation for a injury claim, you can lose that huge money which is really needed by you to make up the damage caused to you. This money is required to fulfill not only your medical and recovery charges but also to make an arrangement for your earning in the coming time. Also by making that faulty person accountable for his carelessness, you will be serving the society by setting an example for others not to dare to do any negligence in future to play with the lives of human beings. There is no point in suffering from any damage only because of any other’s fault whereas you were totally innocent and had not fault. You should not face any financial problems as well and should claim the amount of compensation without an

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Work Accidents And Human Trafficking

Of all types of international crimes, human trafficking is something that is definitely a major preoccupation for the UK government to control. According to the latest estimation, with every passing year increasing number of men, women and children are being illegally trafficked to UK from Africa, Asia and Eastern Europe mainly for forced labor, domestic help and slavery. The latest estimation suggests there are more than 4000 of such victims in the country. Such criminal actions not only stand as a dazzling example of crime against humanity but also deprive the victims from the scope of legal assistance. Due to this reason, the sufferers of human trafficking not only are deprived from the scope of legal support, even when they are unpaid and used as forced labor, but also in case of fatal a accident at work they are not delivered with the opportunity to enjoy their basic rights.

The government clearly needs to come up with strong measures that may gradually reduce and annihilate human trafficking and its evil consequences, such as forced and unpaid labor and slavery. The UK Center that functions within scope of the SOCA has not only formulated plans regarding prevention of trafficking but also has come up with correct prosecution methods against the offenders:

Workplace Accident

  • Assembling, developing and sharing newer plans against the crime
  • Developing an intelligent network with the capacity for identification and completing the lacunas in understanding the nature of crime
  • Formation of the correct legislation process, specialized in dealing with human trafficking crimes
  • Coming up with such an authority that is completely capable of working with different administrative bodies and provide them with support as well as strategic assistance in order to identify the crime and probable victims

Unpaid Workers, Forced Labor and Fatal Work Accidents:

The data that came out from Force labor Survey in 2011 summer clearly suggests that there are more than 5 million unpaid workers in the UK. Their effort is equivalent to almost a million full time jobs and the unpaid amount equals to £29.2 billion of the entire UK economy. Legal addressing of this problem is not only important from the humanitarian perspective but also could have provided a proper assistance to the job crisis in the nation’s current economic situation. Many of these workers have been forced to face criticality of the situation due to human trafficking. So, controlling this crime may not only reduce the plight of unpaid workers and the problem of forced labor but in terms of providing justice to sufferers, the need for legal activism can’t also be denied.

The victims of human trafficking are used as forced and unpaid laborers but as they are not legally UK citizens, in case of any workplace injury, whether it is minor, moderate or fatal, are denied from the right from receiving compensation. The judiciary has taken this matter quite seriously in recent times and proposed that people who will be decisively identified as foreign citizens and victims of trafficking are eligible for compensation in case of fatal criminal or work injuries. When taking legal action its important to use no win no fee solicitors.

Every individual has the capacity to enjoy his/her basic human rights as an individual and irrespective of the differences in national boundaries, such aspects remain constant. is resolute on delivering justice to victims of such unfortunate conditions not only by informing them of their rights but also through making the social inhabitants conscious about gravity of the situation.