Dangerous Working Conditions

Dangerous Working Conditions for the Unwilling Worker

On account of the fact that the trafficked labours are basically illegally placed in their jobs, most of them are not provided with the basic health and safety amenities. Every year, hundreds of rescued men, women and children bear testimony of the unspeakable horrors they had been subjected to in the various sectors they were employed in; scars that stay long after the trauma is over, wounds that spread equally across the body and the soul.

The Many Varieties of the Unhealthy Workplace

  • The people forced or lured into employment with the militant groups are exposed to some of the worst working conditions ever. This is especially true in the case of children, who suffer unspeakable physical as well as psychological damage in their tenure as combatants, couriers, minesweepers and labours in various other capacities. These children are constantly under the threat of death or loss of limbs in the least.
  • Children from all across the developing and underdeveloped nations in the world are tricked or sold into slavery by the criminal gangs. These kids are usually employed as domestic servants, workers in dangerous factories and even as workers.
  • A huge number of children are forced to work in the explosives factories, something that exposes them to the constant threat of death. In fact, every year, a huge number of children are known to perish in blasts and fires in those factories; unfortunately, there is very little or no compensation for the deceased, and working conditions remain, in essence, the same, thanks to the fact that there is no official record of these workers.
  • Working conditions can be highly dangerous for the domestic help if his or her employment falls under the category of forced labour. In such cases, he labour is forced to remain in service via the means of physical violence or the threat of the same. Ill treatment of the subject in instances of domestic servitude is widely known and condemned, with certain cases of violence culminating in death or some other form of permanent damage.
  • The  worker is also forced into a life of immense misery. Working conditions are highly unstable as the worker has no option but to succumb to the whims of the client. Deaths are frequently reported, and the cases are hastily covered up by the involved businesses in order to avoid legal trouble. Moreover, these unfortunate humans are also faced with brutal retribution if they are caught attempting to escape. People forced to work as prostitutes also run the high risk of contracting transmitted diseases.
  • Cases of the victim being brutalised to death or simply being exhausted to the point of demise are pretty commonly heard of. Diseases contracted as an effect of unhealthy working conditions are the commonest causes of death. Aside from these, suicide and elf harm is also a bitter possibility in the life of the trafficked labour that falls easy victim to depression and hopelessness.

Why the Lack of Regard?

Practically each person trafficked into an employment is, in effect, not on the payroll. Therefore, there is no provision for these workers to ask for safe working conditions or reparations for damages caused to life and limb as a consequence of an act of negligence on the part of the employers. As a result, these people are forced to continue working under the most inhumane of conditions, receiving next to nothing in terms of payment.


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