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Despite changes in the work culture and philosophy, not entirely has the attitude of employers changed towards employees. The owner of an organization, while recruiting staffs, who can perform the operations perfectly, becomes liable to the law of the nation for ensuring health and safety of workers. In the UK context, HSE (Health and Security Executive) has been provided with the power and capacity to address every such incident, where an employer hasn’t taken enough initiative to secure health and overall welfare of employees. The organization also has legal power to enforce an employer to fulfill his duties. Providing medical benefits or health insurance to employees is one such aspect that the HSE ensures and the body of governance, in order to enforce the rule, the source of empowerment comes from the Employer’s Liability (Compulsory Insurance) Act, 1969.  This Act aims at facilitating not only employees but also employers so that in a case of a workplace accident or in a situation of industrial disease claim, an employer has the monetary resource to compensate the victim. So, providing medical or health insurance benefits to employees actually creates a win-win situation for all.

The Situation of Health Insurance in the UK:

The principle type of health insurance that employers are entitled to provide employees with is voluntary health insurance (VHI). However, in the UK context it is more popularly known as VHI or private medical insurance (PMI). The facilities provided by the PMI, to a great extent, match with the benefits offered by the NHS. While this healthcare insurance scheme supports employers to receive adequate protection against compensation claims, on the other hand, PMI offers manifold benefits to employees, such as:

  • Fast treatment facilities
  • Access to cozy and comfortable environment
  • Access of getting treated by the specialist physicians
  • Advanced treatment facilities
  • Quicker access to treatment facilities

Health Insurance or Medical Benefits – Right of Employees?

Among the manifold employment rights that have been delivered by the UK government to employees, getting insured is one. While right to enjoy a healthy work environment, staying protected against discrimination and a stable working hours come under the basic rights of workers, being insured against any unwanted accident should also be provided with equal importance. In case, one of your employees becomes victim to unfortunate consequences of a workplace accident, and it is found that yo0ur negligence towards providing him with a safe work environment is mainly responsible, you will be entitled to compensate the victim.  At the same time, as an employer you will also be able to stay protected against insurance claims. At we believe that every employer and employee should know about their respective rights and duties and work mutually to contribute in overall growth of an organization, so that in turn the prosperity is also reflected in the scenario of national economy. If you aren’t sure about knowing the need and best method to get your workers insured, we can provide you with quality guidance. We also take active initiative in helping workers out regarding their employment rights and encourage them to assert their rightful claim against employer’s negligence.

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