Prevent Human Trafficking

Prevent human trafficking

Human trafficking is one of the most hideous forms of slave business and is a matter of concern for domestic and international authorities, political units and social workers. Though this form of slave trade has not been clearly defined yet, various agreements and campaigns have been conducted to address and prevent human trafficking. We at Fairfund dream about a better world sans bonded labors, forced labors, child labors and workers who are pressurized and compelled to sell their chastity in open market. We believe every human being has the right to protect himself/herself from all forms of exploitation, sale and trafficking and we are all set to go to the ends of the earth to stop human trafficking.

The grave scenario

The Joint Committee on Human Rights conducted a survey in 2006 which revealed that there are more than 4,000 prostitutes in the UK alone who were victims of internationally active human trafficking and smuggling rackets.  Home Affairs Committee conducted another survey in 2009 and their report showed that the abducted and ill-fated workers increased by almost 25%. Most of these bonded and forced labors hail from India, China and various African countries. Fairfund aims to prevent human trafficking, to safeguard the basic rights of these workers and other types of bonded labors and to rehabilitate the migrants. Amnesty International, UNICEF UK and several other eleemosynary organizations are working with similar objectives for years and we just play our small role in restituting the basic human rights to those unfortunate individuals who seek legal assistance and protection.

Government initiatives to prevent human trafficking

We must appreciate the initiatives taken by the UK government till date though we strongly think that more stringent steps should be adopted to eradicate human trafficking to its core. The government strategies that deserve a special mention in this regard are:

• Improved medical care arrangements • Improved human traffic prevention legislations and policies • Enhanced border security • Better coordination between law enforcement departments and officials

The Sexual Offences Act 2003 provides a framework for the solicitor and human rights activists in the country to safeguard the interests of the bonded and forced labors in the country. The highest concentration of these workers is in the red light districts of the UK, as you might assume.

Fairfund way of fighting human trafficking

  • Awareness: We must build and increase awareness among citizens about this atrocious trade. We conduct surveys and awareness campaigns worldwide to make people aware of the real situation. We also publish latest human trafficking news on this website so that
  • Provide with legal assistance: Our solicitors who are also social activists provide legal guidance to anyone who is in dire need of legal and administrative support to get back to normal life.
  • Amendment of existing laws: Through our campaigning activities, we aim to ventilate our concerns to the competent authorities and we hereby urge them to amend and constrain the existing laws.

At Fairfund, we strongly believe that our efforts will help the entrapped thousands to knock down the social, cultural and political barriers around them.


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