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Fairfund, hereinafter referred to as ‘’, ‘the organisation’, ‘this organisation’ ‘our organisation’, ‘this website’, ‘the website’ and ‘our website’, and all its contents takes no responsibility of whatever is published within its pages. The organisation is does not take responsibility and is not liable for the authenticity of the information presented in the website. All the statistics presented in the website of this organisation are for the purpose of information and guidance. All the statistics and information presented in the website are accurate to the best of the knowledge of the contributors. The organisation and the website takes no responsibility for the individual comments and opinions presented by the visitors of the website.

Focus of the Organisation

The focus of is to fight human trafficking and forced labour that is rampant in many regions across the globe. The organisation operates on a strictly non-profit basis, functioning mainly in the United Kingdom. The organisation strives to rescue the victims of human trafficking and help restore them to a normal life and incorporate them into the mainstream society.

Personal Information

The website will require its viewers to sign up in order to post comments on the pages. Certain personal information is collected by the site, including the email addresses. None of the personal information is disclosed to any third party, and is stored by the website solely as a referral database to send the members mails, member updates and newsletters.

Subscribers to the organisation will be asked to provide their contact information and address details. This information is nor disclosed to any third party and is stored by the organisation. This information is used by the organisation on the occasion of an event that requires direct communication. uses cookies to store information about you so that it can identify you in the occasion of a return visit. None of this information is personal, and none of your personal identification information can be accessed by using those cookies. You will be asked if cookies can be used to access the information every time you visit the website, and the procedure will commence only after your confirmation. You can choose to disable cookies by changing the settings on your browser. The availability of the pages will not be affected by whichever choice you make.

Financial Information

The website does not store financial data in any form.


The website links to other sites with similar and/or related content. Neither the website nor the organisation takes any responsibility for the content found in those redirected websites. The linking is done on the basis of identification and relativity; the authenticity of the information found on those other sites is not vouched for by the personnel of

The website will redirect you to other links in other websites. The privacy policies of these other websites are different from the same of and the organisation takes no responsibility, neither holds any knowledge, about the other privacy policies. The viewer is asked to visit the redirected pages completely at their own risk.

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