Under Paid Workers

All work and no pay make Jack a demoralized and inefficient worker. If you are working for some organization in the UK, you deserve to get paid same or more than the National Minimum Wage. The National Minimum Wage Act 1998 is aimed at ensuring minimum and decent pay for workers in the country. Under paid workers can take these issues to the Employment Tribunal and employment solicitors can be consulted and appointed if situation arises. If you feel or know that you are not getting duly paid by your employer, here below are the latest National Minimum Wage (NMW) rates for your easy further reference. Please note that the rates furnished here below apply as of 1 January, 2013 and these rates are subject to change.

  • £6.19/hour for workers over 21 years of age
  • £4.98/hour for workers aged between 18 and 20
  • £3.68/hour for workers under 18 who have completed compulsory education
  • £2.65/hour for apprentices under 19 years

Also note that NMW is not applicable for those who have not completed their compulsory education. Compulsory education is generally finished between the age of 15 and 16. The low Pay Commission reviews the NMW rates each year and recommends necessary changes.

How to understand and calculate your pay

Your employer should inform you on or before the date of joining a new company what your monthly/weekly/annual salary would be if you join the company. He should tell you precisely the date and interval of your pay and the mode of payment (cheque, cash or bank transfer) as well. You have every right to get your payslip which can be used as an evidence of your employment in the company. Part time workers are also entitled for minimum hourly pay. You should know how to calculate your pay as because you need to understand whether the employee is underpaying you. Here below are the remunerations that you deserve being a worker in the UK.

  • Basic pay
  • Redundancy pay (If applicable)
  • Holiday pay
  • Compensation (If applicable)

Your work status is the prime determinant of what you are entitled to get at the end of every month/week/day. Consult with an employment solicitor who works for under paid workers and know what you deserve.

Is underpayment a crisis?

Tagging underpayment as a crisis would be an overstatement. However, it is true that following global recession and its aftershocks, UK employers have become more cautious than ever and redundancy is a common phenomenon now across the UK industries. Department for Work and Pensions estimated a total value of underpayments a staggering £1.3 billion in 2010/11. Gender, age, adult play orientation, and race are some of the factors that control graph of the average pay.

You should talk to your employer first if you feel that your salary is subpar considering your productivity and efficiency and if he does not admit his fault, try contacting an employment solicitor who would be able to guide you and also help you in bringing a claim.




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