Why human trafficking is wrong

Human trafficking’ is an umbrella term which Interpol have compartmentalized into women trafficking for exploitation (for commercial and vested interests), trafficking for forced labor, commercial and exploitation of children in tourism, and trafficking in organs. However, the most prevalent form of illegal trafficking is prostitution which has affected almost all the countries in the world. Ask anyone who has seen the misery of these unfortunate human beings and he can explain you neatly why human trafficking is wrong. Girls and children are also forced to work in factories, shops and elsewhere. These bonded labors are treated as slaves and they are physically and mentally tortured. Statistical data revealed through various surveys conducted by domestic and international organizations are pretty disturbing. Here below is a glimpse of the grave situation which is worsening every day.

  • Nas (Name changed) and her family trusted her uncle when he wanted this 15 year old girl to take with him to NY, USA. The girl was promised by her uncle that she would be admitted to a local school as soon as possible. Nas had never been sent to school since then and she was later rescued by a local NGO.
  • Kat (Name changed) was another girl of 18 years old (at the time of kidnapping) who got entrapped by the traffickers and was compelled to serve business across Europe. Katya had been gang-raped several times and was later rescued by British Police in assistance of Interpol. She currently safely resides in the UK.

Does it still need to mention why human trafficking is wrong? Well, if you are eager to know the effects in particular, here below are three good reasons to hate and prevent human trafficking in all possible manners.

  • Trafficking violates human rights: Traffickers snatch the very basic rights from the innocent people they exploit. They coerce girls to engage in slave trade, make people work as slaves and servants against their will, make girls commit acts for the purpose of making porn films, and cheat and mislead people in several other ways. Right to education, right to wellbeing, right to choose jobs are all swooped up from them.
  • Trafficking spreads transmitted diseases: It is a proven fact that women who are exploited by the traffickers are zillion times more prone to transmitted diseases than any other individual. HIV/AIDS is quite common among them. They are put to live and work in filthy abodes and they also catch other illnesses very easily.
  • Trafficking victims are isolated individuals: A large number of victims cannot return to social life just because the society does not accept them. Many count their days in their self-made exile just because they face severe hostility from the people within their communities. Rehabilitation is a great and often overlooked ill effect of human trafficking.

If you have already got the answer of why trafficking is wrong and you are mentally prepared to take proper actions against those human traffickers, hold our hands. Fairfund has been working towards the welfare of these unfortunate fellow beings for years now. We hope together we can shape a better world.


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